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Redux is a webcomic about some kids (who grow into some 20-somethings), some ancient entities, an infinite branching universe made of people's thoughts, and an organization tasked with maintaining reality.

The comic updates on SOME Wednesdays at noon EST. Progress is currently delayed due to life circumstances, but I'm still slowly working on it and grinding out pages.

I'm using this comic as a way to improve my artwork, writing, and creative work in general. Because of this, the artwork is experimental and may fluctuate from page to page as I try new things. (I like to think it also means that the quality improves pretty rapidly, especially when compared to the earliest pages!)


This series contains some content that might not be appropriate or comfortable for all readers. This includes, but is not limited to: violence, blood, strong language, implications of abuse, alcohol and substance use, and issues surrounding mental health. This comic contains violence involving children (about on the level of a shounen manga or anime). Certain potentially distressing scenes and topics have been intentionally left to reader interpretation.

This list may be updated as the comic progresses.

Please read at your own discretion.


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