The Collection

This is my collection of links, adoptables, quiz results, and other things I find interesting or fun! (I tried to link to the creator where possible, but if you know the source for any of these, please let me know.)

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My Friend's Websites

Other Cool Personal Sites


PKLucky's Beachside Lounge tarraxahum's den bbence


Phototaxis of a Fighter

Other Links

Rarebit: A webcomic template. (This is what I'm using to handle navigation and archiving for Redux)

Pixel Speech Bubble Maker!

Dragonflycave's Webmaster Resources: (I found the script I used to make my quiz here)

Zonelets: A blogging system built for neocities. (I used this for my blog section)

TurtleWitch's Resources: A collection of backgrounds, gifs, and other website resources.

oocities: A cool geocities archive

Say No To Web 3!

An adoptables site from the early 2000's. Many cute creatures here.

Playstation Serial Experiments Lain Browser Remake!

A collection of free RPG Maker Games!


Clickable Pets

(If you have the time, please click on these pets/creatures to help them grow or level up)

Dragon Cave

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!



(Click each adoptable for the source)

Noxious and Boingo

Chipper, Dialtone, and Kneecap


Quiz Results