About Me

Nice to meet you! You can call me M.

I'm just some weirdo on the internet who likes to make things for fun. I enjoy my anonymity, but here are some basic facts about me:

  • Age: 26
  • Gender: What are you, a cop? (Joking aside) gender is a weird subject I won't get into here. Any pronouns are fine.
  • Occupation: Employed full time doing boring paperwork all day.
  • Location: Undisclosed town on the east coast United States
  • Hobbies: Comic Making, Drawing, Writing, Programming, Robotics, Fencing (epee), Learning New Skills, and collecting useless knowledge
  • Interests: Amateur Creative Works, Lost Media, Nintendo Games, Some Anime and Manga, Internet Privacy, Linux, The Open Source Movement, Multi-Hour Video Essays About TV Shows I've Never Seen, The Indie Web
  • Educational Background: Mechatronics Engineering
  • Fun Fact: I'm left handed!

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to say hello on the Guest Book.